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What holds you back in life

May 16, 2013

Today's blog prompt from the blog challenge asked the thought-provoking question of what is something difficult in your life and how you're working to overcome it. Hands down it has to be the financial pressures of being the primary breadwinner in my marriage. My husband has been working and going to school full-time since I met him years ago. Honestly it is something I have always admired about him. I make more money than him because I already have my degrees, thus making me the primary breadwinner and money stressor of our relationship. It definitely has added stress to my life to have that extra weight on my shoulders. Luckily he graduates with his bachelors degree this August with honors nonetheless- yes my man rocks a high GPA. Like any other difficulty we have as a couple, the tough times only make us stronger.

On a lighter note, I can't wait for Arrested Development to return. Thank god for Netflix!

Seriously Jason Bateman- I have missed you. I can watch this show on repeat and not get bored.

Wine in a juice box? I made this discovery at Publix this week and feel like it will need to become my new addiction.

I have officially been at my new job for a week now. I'm really liking it so far. I might be spoiled to office work for good. Coming from teaching I'm enjoying simple things like a decent lunch hour (not 20 minutes of scarfing down your meal), unlimited bathroom breaks (teachers know what I'm talking about) and not having to take papers home to grade. So far so good!

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