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So you are dating a comic book nerd

May 02, 2013

It was clear from the start of our relationship that my new boyfriend was big into comic books. If the fact that his bed laid atop a foundation made of long boxes consisting of his comic book collection didn’t tip me off, his numerous comic book t-shirts definitely clued me. I have learned a few things after almost 6 years of dating and now married to a bonafide comic book geek. Here are my tips to all those non-comic book girls and guys who want to be a supportive partner to your hard core comic book lover.

1. Learn the basics of comics. Nobody is expecting you to learn the history of comic books but you will have to at least be able to know what is a Marvel comic and what is a DC comic. For example, Batman is a DC character while Spiderman and Avengers are Marvel characters. Trust me if your boyfriend hangs out with other comic book fans and you all go out to see the latest superhero movie, you don’t want to say the wrong thing. If you are the only non comic book aficionado in the group, just be prepared to kill some time on your phone while they debate Spiderman 3. (True story)

2. Accept the fact that your presence will be required at all opening nights of comic book movies. My husband and I even joked about including it in our vows (we didn’t). Name the superhero blockbuster film and more than likely I went to see it opening night. The downside is that at times Hollywood will get it wrong on your man’s favorite character and the movie version will severely disappoint them. Case in point, The Green Lantern for my husband. He was so excited about the film as we sat down for a dinner out before the film. Green Lantern was one of his favorite characters growing up and he was psyched for the movie. All through dinner he literally couldn’t shut up about it. Several hours later, he still couldn’t shut up but for the opposite reason. He hated the movie and what they had done to his beloved character. You will have to be supportive and nod your head in agreement as they dissect why the film got it so wrong.

3. Be open to trying the comic genre yourself. To be honest I’m just not into reading the superhero comics, but there is so much more to the genre than just Batman. I have found several graphic novels and independent trades that are great reads. If you happen to be one of those girlfriends or wives dragged to the comic bookstore, look around and browse some of the titles. You might be surprised to find something you’d like. Just keep an open mind.

I bought a Batman t-shirt early in our relationship and here I am on my way to see The Dark Knight Rises with my man.


  1. It's funny because a good majority of my friends are comic book nerds, and although I never jumped on the comic book train, I can definitely appreciate their love of it. That is, unless we're talking about the Walking Dead. Then yes please! I'm a bit of a Walking Dead nerd: comics, TV show and games; all the way!

    1. I was never big into comic books prior to meeting my husband, but I have found some of the independent trades like Morning Glories and Unwritten that I really enjoy. Funny that you mention Walking Dead- I have never seen an episode and everyone is trying to get me hooked on the show.

      Thanks for the comment.