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Things that I'm afraid of

May 07, 2013

Day 7 of this challenge focused on things that make us afraid. Confession- I am a worry wart just like my mother. Thanks Mom. When I first read this prompt the usual suspects of fear came to my mind – snakes, heights, losing a loved one. Then I started to think about some of the fears that slowly creep me on me and take residence in my mind. I feel out of all the prompts so far in the challenge this one will has me really opening up and being honest with myself.

1. Not living to my potential:  This fear has really taken hold in the last year or so. Sometimes I look back at my life choices and wonder if I take enough risks. Do I tend to take the safe roads? My husband and I have always talked about living abroad for awhile, will it happen? I don’t want to look back on my life and wonder what if.

2. Losing my engagement/wedding rings: There is a story to this fear. I had a beautiful 1920’s (my favorite decade) ring that my grandmother left me when she died. It was her mother’s engagement ring and I always loved it. This was the ring that my husband gave me when he proposed in our favorite place in Key West. The one I flashed in my post-engagement excitement. Two months before our wedding our wedding photographer offered to gift us an engagement session. On a lovely Sunday evening we showed up to the Boardwalk at Disney to start our shoot. We moved around the boardwalk taking pictures and finally moved to the bridge over the water. The photographer wanted to take a picture of just my ring and I slowly took the ring off my left ring finger. Then the possible worst-case scenario happened, my ring fell through the crack of the bridge into the water.
So two months before the wedding we had to get a replacement ring (which I am starting to love since I wore it on our wedding day) and deal with the loss of my beloved ring. Now I’m super vigilant about my rings.


  1. Oh that is so sad, to lose the ring that way! I would probably be paranoid about losing rings after that too. Mothers are pretty good at turning us into worry warts. It will probably be worse after you have children, if you do.

    1. Yes, moms are good at making us worry lol. Thanks for the comment.