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Memories set to music

May 29, 2013

The Blog Every Day in May challenge is almost over and I have enjoyed most of the writing prompts this month. Today's prompt of selecting five songs that speak to me or bring back memories is one of my favorites. I am someone who attaches memories to songs, often times I can listen to a song and easily be transported to another time and place in my life. I could have easily done a longer list, but I will share with you some of the songs that hold special memories in my heart.

1. Wonderwall- Oasis

I will set the scene for you. It was tenth grade homecoming (1996) and my boyfriend and I were in the back seat of his friend's car after the dance. Wonderwall comes on the radio just as we start to make out for the first time. This song will always take me back to a place of innocence.

2. Someday- Sugar Ray

Freshman year of college I used to have my alarm clock set to radio to wake me up. Tallahassee only has a few decent radio stations and I had it set to the Top 40 one. It seemed like every other morning I was awoken to the sounds of this Sugar Ray hit. Many years later if I listen to this song, I am instantly back in my freshman year dorm room with endless possibilities in front of me.

3.  Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand

This is my post-college theme song. In 2005 I had moved out, got myself a studio apartment that marked the first time I ever lived truly on my own, and started my first year of teaching at 24. I used to hear this song all the time at my favorite bar.

4.  Wake Up- Coheed and Cambria

When my husband and I first started dating we were in a long distance relationship. I was living in Worcester, MA and he was back in Orlando. He made me a mix CD in one of our care packages and introduced me to this song. It perfectly encapsulated the feelings of longing one has in a long distance love.

5.  My Little Corner of the World- Yo La Tengo

I first loved this song from hearing it on an episode of Gilmore Girls. My husband introduced me to the rest of Yo La Tengo's music and even went to Atlanta to see them in concert. When we had to pick our first dance my husband only asked that it wouldn't be a terribly long song since he lacks dancing skills. We ended up dancing to this song at our wedding and now it has even more special meaning to me.


  1. Take Me Out takes me back to my independent college days too!! That and my ex-boyfriend...

    Never heard of Yo La Tengo and that Coheed and Cambria song IS perfect for a long-distance relationship!

    I love and hate how songs are tied to memories. Ya know?

  2. Ha! Take Me Out also reminds me of an ex boyfriend too. I could probably do a whole post on songs that remind me of previous boyfriends.