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Blog Every Day in May Challenge

May 01, 2013

So I have decided to take the Blog Every Day in May Challenge and I'm excited. The prompt for today is to write your life story in approximately 250 words. 250 words, wow that is a quite a challenge. But here we go!

I was born on a hot and humid summer night back in August of 1981 in Orlando, FL. My childhood was that of your typical suburbia- bike rides around the neighborhood and cul-de-sacs. As a child I loved to sing (usually alongside my favorite MTV videos with a hairbrush in my hand) dance, and write imaginative stories. My mom loves to tell the story of how I once came up with a whole imaginary family, complete with names and back stories. Yep, I was an odd child.  I have an older sister who is 20 months older than me. I don’t think I could summarize our relationship in less than 200 words, but I will give it a try. She was the hot sister all through high school, it annoyed me since all my guy friends drooled over her, and now we are super good. I was that girl already thinking about what colleges I wanted to apply to during freshman year of high school. Needless to say I graduated high school and went straight to college. Four years later, I walked across the stage with a “Hell yeah I graduated” strut and grabbed my bachelors degree in English. After coming to terms with the fact that I was not going to be hired as a journalist anywhere, I decided to get my teaching certificate and become a middle school English teacher. On a late June evening I met up with an old friend and his friend for drinks and accidentally found the love of my life. 6 years later, we are married and planning adventures. 

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