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June 28, 2013

I spent the last 3 days in Tampa for work training. Since my previous career was that of a public school teacher, work travel is a new concept for me. Employer paid hotel room and use of a corporate credit card for meals, so this is business travel? A girl can used to this.

 I'm looking forward to spending time with my sister and nephews who are in town for the next week. I leave you with an old school jam for #backthatazzup Friday.

Monday ramblings

June 24, 2013

My weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday night T and I got free tickets from my work to see the Orlando Predators Arena Football game. We aren't really into arena football, but as two die hard college/NFL fans we need something to tide us over until fall, and who turns down free tickets.  We lasted only half of the game before declaring it a loss and making our way to our neighborhood pub.

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Tampa for a 3 day work training. Hotel room and meals paid for by the company, I can't really complain. This marks my first work travel trip ever, so like a dork I'm excited.

                                                     My home for the next 3 days.

The most exciting news this week is that my sister and nephews will be in town when I return from my work trip! I can't wait!

Throwback Thursday

June 20, 2013

I'm a sucker for nostalgia. I love all  most things 80's and 90's since it brings me back to my younger days. If one of those "I love the 90's" specials is on VH1 I have to stop what I'm doing and watch it. So when I saw Bonnie from The Life of Bon was hosting a Throwback Thursday link up with fun writing prompts, I was all in for the throwback fun.

First crush

The first crush that I can remember having was in the fourth grade. His name was Andrew and all the girls in Ms. Nolen's fourth grade class had decided that he was the only cute boy in our class. So I was not alone in my doodling his name on folders. I remember that he was obsessed with all things space related and I tried to learn about space shuttles to impress him (really? who does that?). My love for brainy guys started young.

He ended up dating (in the truest elementary sense of the term)  one of the girls in our class. The day the rest of us girls found out we were crushed. What did she have that we didn't? Why were the other boys in our grade so not crush-worthy? My crush and his fourth grade girlfriend actually ended up dating all the way to seventh grade. We actually became friends in high school when we rode the same bus the first 3 years of high school. We also talk occasionally on Facebook now and he has no idea of my elementary school crush on him.

    The only picture I had on my computer that I think is from 3rd or 4th grade. I'm the one on the far right.

Oh it's you again Mr. Monday

June 17, 2013

Weekends always seem to be so short, don't they? My weekend started off by going with Ty to the midnight showing of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. The movie was alright, definitely not as great as the trailer made it out to be. This is my non-comic book reading opinion, but my comic book loving husband did not like the movie either. I didn't get home until about 3:00 am and had to wake up at 7:00am. That is when I decided that midnight showings are something else my 31 year old ass can no longer handle. I was dragging all day at work because of my lack of sleep.

Friday night was a quiet night in of take out and watching Anchorman for the umpteenth time. It never gets old. Saturday night the husband, his two friends, and I went to a sports bar in downtown Orlando to watch the Stanley Cup Finals. None of us had been to this place before but I heard good things from some co-workers. Cheap, tasty hot dogs, strawberry ale beer, board games, and tons of 90's music blaring through the place- yep I loved it!

Sami's Shenanigans

I'm too old for this

June 14, 2013

As I'm writing this I'm getting excited about seeing the new Superman movie at midnight with the husband and his co-workers. Ah just one of the many perks of being a comic book wife. As psyched as I am right now about going to the midnight showing, I'm certain I will be kicking myself tomorrow morning as I drag my tired self to work. This will probably be me tomorrow around 10:00 am at work.

Maybe 31 is too old for a few things. Super short shorts, getting drunk on Wednesday night when you have to be at work by 8:00 am the next day, and could my beloved midnight movie releases be next on that list. I hope not.

                                                 Ty and I wanting in line for the midnight showing of The Hobbit.

Happy Friday everyone!

Hello Summer!

June 09, 2013

Is it summer already?  The 90 degree weather and afternoon thunder storms in Florida have already declared it summer time. This will my first summer working full-time since I started teaching 6 years ago. I know some people think teachers get paid during the summer, but the reality is that you can get money taken out of your paycheck throughout the school year to last you through the summer. I used to tutor to supplement my summer check. I'm convinced that having summers off allows teachers to keep their sanity.

Even though I'm working a regular 9-5 job, I'm looking forward to the summer. My sister and nephews are coming down from North Carolina at the end of June and I can't wait! I really miss not having them in the same city.

                               My sister and awesome maid of honor. Seriously who else would eat Chick-Fil-A and drink champagne the morning of my wedding with me?

I have seen other bloggers make summer bucket lists so I'm going ahead and making one of my own.

1. Go to the beach at least once. Sad that despite living an hour away from the beach I don't always make it out there in the summer.  This should be easily accomplished when my sister comes down.

2. Convince my friend who owns a pool and lives 2 minutes away to let Ty and I use his pool. He is Ty's best friend so he is over our house a lot, we have decided that it entitles us to some pool time over summer. Just sayin'.

3. Get a new bathing suit.

4. Drink more wine. Cause why not? I really want one of these vino 2 go cups.

Happy summer!!

Unpopular Opinions

June 05, 2013

Lately I have realized that I hold quite a few unpopular opinions. Few might be an understatement since  I am quite an opinionated gal.  When it seemed like every female in America was obsessing over Twilight, I tried to read the first book and barely got past the second chapter. I'm more of a Hunger Games girl. Give me Katniss over whiny Bella any day.

1. I can't get into science fiction. Star Wars, Star Trek, yep just can't get into the sci-fi. I've had people tell me I'm crazy for not loving Star Wars, but it's just not my thing.

2. I don't understand all the zombie love and obsession with The Walking Dead. I like my zombies funny like in Zombieland and Warm Bodies.

3. Sushi. I have tried various kinds of sushi and just don't like it.

4. I hate the Real Women Have Curves movement. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women feeling beautiful in their own skin and accepting their bodies. I just don't think you have to put down other body types to empower women. I'm on the small side/thin and I think beauty can be found in all sizes. I might not have been blessed with rocking curves a la Beyonce, but I am still a real women.

5. I tried watching a few episodes of "Girls" and I just don't see the appeal. Maybe it is because I am in my early 30's and it reminds me of some of the rougher parts of my 20's, or maybe I just find it a cheap knock off of Sex and the City.

Who else was utterly shocked by Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones?? I did not see that coming at all.

Dogs are the new kids

June 02, 2013

* Blog post title comes from a t-shirt I once saw.

I can't believe that I yet to give a proper blog introduction to the cutest member of my little family of 3. We rescued him from a local dog rescue who apparently found him roaming the street in front of their facility. Someone had abandoned a house trained two year old dog, but luckily the rescue found him and took care of him until he found his forever home. That was back in November of 2009. He was named Kavalier after Michael Chabon's The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Leave it up to us to name our dog after a literary character. We are the couple who named our wedding tables after our favorite books. We love the books.