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The joys of a man-free house

August 12, 2013

My lovely husband is out of town for the next week. House all to myself and of course Kavalier will be keeping his mama company.  When talking to my sister about how I was going to miss having T around, she laughed and said that was a newlywed thing to say. She has been married for 8 years and has two kids, so in her words she gets excited at any amount of alone time. Guess I'm not there yet.

Back in my post-college still single days I lived by myself in a cozy studio apartment and loved it. I liked not having roommates for once, a bathroom that I didn't have to share, and being able to decorate it however I wished. You don't get to keep that once you get married. It reminds me of that SATC episode where the girls discuss their single girl behaviors that you can indulge in when you live alone. Both T and I had the opportunity to live by ourselves before we moved in together, and honestly I think that is a good thing.

The best things about a man-free house

  1. Being able to watch all my junky reality t.v. with no side eyes or comments. T like most guys does not understand why women love the Real Housewives franchise. Having no man around means I can indulge and watch a marathon if I feel like it. Add a glass of wine and you got a nice night in. I may or may not have watched some Dawson's Creek on Netflix.                      
  2.  No need to cook actual meals. Let's be real for a second, cooking for one sucks. I hated  doing it   when I lived by myself. Cooking for one usually means leftovers for days, which depending on the dish can get tiresome to eat the same meal on repeat. Having no T around means I can just eat when I want. 

   3. Impromptu dance parties to my favorite 90's music. Enough said.

  4. Lots of quality mom and Kavalier time. Sure he misses his daddy, but daddy doesn't take tons of pictures of him like mommy does.

5.  I just discovered the Cam Me app on iPhone and having the house to myself means practicing the art of selfies. Guys don't understand the concept of selfies and just would look at you weird if they caught you. 

Ladies, what are your favorite things about having the house to yourself?

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  1. I get those side eyes when I watch the reality shows too!! I love watching those. My husband hates them lol.

    1. Ha! Guys don't understand the appeal of those shows.

  2. I don't like cooking either. When he's out of town. Forget it!! And I also like it that I can watch my junky reality TV in peace without him saying- I can't believe you watch that.