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No More Back to School for Me

August 09, 2013

Today marks 3 months at my new job at the non-profit. This is the first time in many years that I am not scouting back to school sales for piles of paper and pencils for my students or spending my last weeks of summer setting up my classroom just right. When I made the decision to quit teaching after 7 years in  April I knew my heart was not longer in teaching and that I was ready to move to the next chapter of my career, whatever that might be. I took a chance in jumping without a plan, and luckily it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

I like my job. A lot. This is my first real office job. I'm still amazed that I can ease into the day which is a sharp contrast to the teacher feeling of being "on" for hours on end. I see my teacher friends on Facebook talk about decorating classrooms and I feel no regret or feelings of wishing it was me. Three months later and I like where the journey has lead me.

I'm linking up with Whitney for #Backthatazzup Friday

My jam is taking it back to 2007 with Jamie Foxx. Enjoy!

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