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Skinny girls shouldn't twerk

August 27, 2013

Late Friday night E! Online confirmed the rumor that NSYNC was indeed going to perform together for the first time since 2003 on the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday. As soon as I heard the news I magically reverted back to my 17 year old self who was obsessed with them. I spent most of the weekend excited and listening to NSYNC songs. My dog did not appear to be a fan of JT and company, but it didn't dampen my excitement. I saw them in concert my senior year of high school with my friend Michelle and it was incredible. Earlier in the day my friend had heard on the radio that NSYNC would be at Planet Hollywood, so we raced down I 4 to catch a glimpse of the guys. We were able to shake hands with Joey, JC, and Chris. Lance and Justin were on the opposite side. It was a total fan girl day for us.

Watching NSYNC perform together for the first time in 10 years was worth all the hype. I loved the JT solo performance and how he went through all of his solo hits and ended with where it all began, NSYNC. I shrieked and danced around like a teenage girl and loved every second of it.  Thank you Justin for throwing NSYNC fans a bone with the 2 minute reunion. We appreciate it.

On to what everyone can't stop talking about, Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMA's. Oh Miley no. Was that supposed to be sexy? It came off as someone trying way too hard to be sexy and failing miserably. She reminds me of those girls in college who thought it made them look sexy and cool if they talked constantly about how much they love sex. You love sex, good for you. So do most women. 

Miley take it from a fellow skinny girl, please don't twerk. Being a skinny girl comes with some awesome things but having the booty to properly twerk is not one of them. Just.stop. it.

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