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Am I Southern?

August 20, 2013

Is Florida part of the south? For those of you from any other part of the country you are probably shaking your head and saying duh right now. But not so fast. This is a real question in the South. Don't believe me? Just google it and read away.

Sometimes I notice my southern tendencies, while other times I'm convinced I am geographically displaced. Let's look at some common southern girl stereotypes to see how I match up.

1. Southern girls love their college football. Check. Nothing beats a Saturday afternoon of watching my Seminoles, except being lucky enough to get tickets to see them in Tallahassee. The real deep south girls would never show up to the stadium in a t-shirt and jeans. Oh no. They dress up as in wear cute dresses in their appropriate team colors.  You will never see me wear a dress to a football game. Nope. I am just not that girly enough. Give me a cute, fitted team shirt and jeans any day.

2. A real Southern girl never leaves her house without her hair and makeup done. Oh and a cute outfit. I have to be honest I sometimes wish I was one of those girls who always looks perfectly put together. But I'm not and I lack the advanced hair/makeup skills to make that happen. So I get no points in this category.  This is a picture of me out on a typical Saturday. Yeah no points here.

3. All Southern girls love good southern food like fried chicken and biscuits. Check again. Seriously how do you not love fried chicken and biscuits? I also love Chick Fil A which I missed the hell out of for that year I lived in Massachusetts. You can leave out the sweet tea though. I'm quite aware that it is referred as the table wine of the south, but I just can't get the appeal of sweet tea.

4. Southern love country music. No points again. Country music is popular in blogland, but with a few exceptions, it is just a genre of music that I can't get into. I'm more of a rock girl to be truthful. Oh and of course my love of 90's rock/r&b/hip hop/pop music. I can't deny my love of the 90's tunes. 

5. Southern girls go to college to get their MRS degree. Now I think this is an outdated concept and going to college in Florida most girls were not just looking to be married by graduation. There was one girl in the English department who was planning her wedding during her last semester, but she was not the norm. I didn't get married until 31 because I wasn't ready to be married at 24. Some people just need more time on their own. When I lived in MA most girls didn't get married until later in their 20's or early 30's. 


  1. Ha ha , I love this post!

    I would say that "certain" parts of Florida are the south. I grew up in a little tiny country town in north central Florida, and while I do have a bit of an accent and some southern tendencies, I'm not completely a southern belle.

    I hate makeup on most days, I would choose a tshirt over a dress at a football game FOR SURE, and I don't even like fried chicken! I do love me some sweet tea though. And country music.

    Oh, and GO NOLES! :)

    1. You are so right about certain parts of the state being southern. I am born and raised in Orlando, and I wouldn't call that part of the state southern. North Florida is definitely more southern.

      Less than a month until FSU football!!

  2. hilarious- this is sooooo true (and annoying). I feel like the same way!