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When football goes wrong

October 07, 2013

The best part of fall for me is weekends filled with glorious football. Saturday means college football and watching my beloved Florida State Seminoles, while Sunday is all about fantasy football. I can't lie that yesterday was a good day in which the Seminoles beat the 25th ranked team in the nation 63-0. They look like the Seminoles of my freshman year (1999) who went undefeated and ended up winning the national championship that season.

But Sunday turned out to be a disappointing game for my fantasy football team. I went into my game ranked number one in my fantasy football league (which for being one of the two girls in my league I find impressive) but it quickly went downhill from there. I wasn't losing by a few points, I was getting my butt kicked. Here is how I survive when football goes wrong.

Drown my sorrows in beer.

Many Miller Lites were consumed as I watched Tom Brady only score 5.8 points total. Not good news when he is your starting quarterback. Add that in with having Adrian Peterson on bye and yeah just keep the beers coming.

Eat all the food in sight.

I may or may not have consumed most of this pizza while watching my team get slaughtered. Stress eating always feels good in the moment.

Obsessively check your team stats.

Trust me this will not make you feel better. It won't. Better luck next week My Peterson's Betta Than Yours.


  1. Ahhh...that game on Saturday was SO EXCITING. They are not disappointing this year. I'm so anxious for the Clemson game!

    1. I am so ready for the Clemson game too. Winston is looking great!

  2. Tom Brady killed me on Sunday!! And of course I had Eli Manning on my bench who FINALLY had a good game and scored like 20 points. Seriously. I'm about to be 0-5!

  3. I basically gain weight EVERY football season due to stress-eating. Working on that though! ;) My BENGALS are the ones who hurt Tom Brady's fantasy points- so I'm not sorry about that hehe!

  4. Haha. This is hilarious and totally true. Why must we stress eat? And why must pizza and beer always be the best things to eat while watching boys hurt each other? :)