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Weekend recap

October 21, 2013

My weekend started college style which means it kicked off Thursday night with a visit to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. I guess it is par for the course when you live in the theme park capital of the world. Every year they have a different theme for the haunted houses and this year they were based on modern horror movies and shows. The Walking Dead was a big part of the night with not only its own haunted house, but there were zombies scaring guests all over the park. And yes a few of them were successful in getting me to scream little girl style. I also shrieked in the Cabin in the Woods house much to my husband's amusement. The only downside of the night was the very long lines to get into the haunted houses.  If you are ever in Orlando around Halloween season you should definitely check it out. Just be sure to wear comfy shoes and bring lots of cash if you plan to booze it up. They were charging like $8.50 for a beer since that is how they do it in tourist land.

But the best part of the weekend came on Saturday night with the FSU/Clemson game. Clemson is the strongest competitor in the ACC and winning this game would prove that this Seminole team is the real deal. Oh how my Seminoles did not disappoint me! They crushed those pesky Clemson Tigers on their home turf 51-14 and now are ranked #2 in the BCS. Garnet and Gold forever!


  1. Pretty sure every Seminole on the planet will just kind of float through this week, ha ha.

  2. Ditto Miranda's comment, lol! YAY for your team winning though, every weekend is better with a "W"!