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Oh Facebook I should quit you

October 01, 2013

Facebook. It has become such a staple of most people's lives and yet I think I am reaching the end of my love affair with it. Facebook can be the source of endless drama and annoyance. I'm way late to the Twitter wagon (Denise@alifelesstravel) and I'm already enjoying it more than Facebook. Here are some of the reasons I'm over Facebook:

1.  The mommy brigade

Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way anti-mom. My sister is one of my favorite people to talk to on Facebook and she is a mother of two. I'm talking about some of the moms who use Facebook to talk 24/7 about their kids and share every tiny detail of their kids lives. I get it you have kids now. That does not mean we all want to hear about Johnny's last poop.

2. The ex factor

Facebook is perfect for periodically getting information on exes. I am guilty of looking at ex-boyfriends profiles to see what is new with them, and for course to see how much better off I might be without them in my life. But it can also backfire on you like what happened to me recently. One of my ex boyfriends found me and messaged me asking for career advice. Um what the hell?

3. The political arguments

This was especially bad during the last election, so bad that I had to hide some feeds because of excessive political talk. Look I have my own political opinions but FB is not the ideal place to share them. I also recognize that those who have opposite opinions from me are not going to see the light just because I tell them my opinion.

What are your thoughts about using Facebook? Still love it or over it?

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  1. I've got a mommy brigade in my feed. Super annoying. My sister has been one of the biggest offenders. I finally got her to stop posting pics of my nephew on the potty. Jeez! These poor kids when they get older!