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How to annoy a female sports fan

October 11, 2013

Venus Trapped in Mars

I have mentioned before how I play in most male fantasy football league and by mostly I mean there are 2 girls in the 8 person league. This week we had quite the drama fest on the league discussion board with some of the guys complaining and whining about a trade that went down in the league. I made a comment on the page that it was funny that none of the girls were involved in the drama. One of the guys commented back that women just aren't as competitive as men, that of course annoyed me and thus inspired this Fan Friday post.

Female sports fans are no stranger to dealing with stereotypes and condescending comments from guys when it comes to their beloved teams. Here are some of the most annoying things girls who love sports have to deal with.

The dreaded pink jersey

I still don't understand how the NFL's answer to their growing female fan base is to make the shirts pink and bedazzle the shit out of them. No. Just. stop. it. I just hate the assumption that because I'm a girl that I must want to wear a pink version of the team jersey. No, just give me a fitted normal version instead please.

Some guys don't want to hear a girl talk intelligently about sports.

I know that not every guy falls into this category. My husband is a good example of a man not being intimidated by a woman who actually knows her sports. Case in point, my league has quite a few of my husband's friends who just ignore me when I talk about the game. This has me thinking of starting an all women league next year for us girls who like our fantasy football. I think it would be an interesting and fun dynamic.

Being quizzed to prove you are a real fan

When you tell a guy that you like sports be prepared for the quiz. They will ask you about players, rules of the game, etc to sniff out if you are really a fan or just saying you are to look cool in front of guys. The first time I met my father in law was at a sports bar on a football Sunday. At first he thought I was there just to appease his son, when T told him that I actually love my football he did the quiz thing on me. I also had a guy once ask me if I was a Seminole fan because of the colors. Never mind the fact that I grew up watching the Seminoles and went to Florida State. Silly boys.

What things annoy you as a sports fan?


  1. I hate the being quizzed thing! I know a lot, but some people I swear, if they can just find ONE player or ONE thing I don't know they're all like "SEE?!" Silly men- girls are fans too!!!

  2. I swear if someone had said to me that girls aren't as competitive as men. I would have FLIPPED out. We will see who is competitive. I'm trying to think of things that annoy me as a female sports fan.... that you didn't mention...

    Oh yeah, the girls who give us a bad name. I was at the Tennessee / GA game last week and this girl kept essentially repeating what I was saying, trying to make it sound like she knew what she was talking about. Where, yes I appreciate the effort. It was annoying. If you don't know what is going on, just shush! Or ask questions. I honestly don't mind when my girlfriends ask me questions on what is going on.

  3. I HATE HATE HATE the pink sports paraphernalia. With a passion. Thankfully hubs and I are in agreement that our daughter always wears team colors, NOT pink!

    And the quizzing. Seriously? I have a (girl!)friend who did this to me...because I prefer college football and she prefers pro. Um, the rules aren't all the same, silly girl. Don't quiz me on things you don't watch.

  4. The pink and the quizzing is terrible! I had a guy friend tell me that he finally believed I was a fan because I was wearing a team shirt, despite the fact that we'd sat through multiple games together while I cheered on my team. *head smack*