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Random Wednesday Rambles

September 18, 2013

I took this from Miranda @ Young, and In Progress as I was suffering writer's block for a coming up with a blog post. An FSU fan helping out a fellow Seminole!

1. Why do you blog? 

I have always had a love for the written word since I can remember. I have been an avid journal keeper for most of my life and I majored in English. After graduating college I ended up becoming a middle school teacher for almost 7 years and had very little time to devote to writing. I felt I lost my writer voice and this past April this blog was born. I blog to have a place to express myself and share my thoughts. 

2. What is your favorite blog post you have ever written?

My favorite two posts so far in my blog are Why I left teaching in which I talk about my decision to leave the teaching profession this past year and my post about my decision to be childfree.

3. Are you addicted to anything food related? (For example, coffee, soda, chocolate...)

I'm definitely a recovering chocolate addict and soda addict. So far I am doing better at cutting down on the soda than chocolate. 

4. Do you prefer snail mail or email? I miss the days of snail mail. Nothing beats getting a hand written note or card in the mail. But I love the convenience of emails and texts.

5. Do you have any unique talents?

Hmm I can make my tongue touch my nose. Does that count as a unique talent?

6. What is your favorite method of travel? (Plane, train, automobile...?) A few years I decided to take the Amtrak from Orlando to North Carolina to visit my sister last minute. Worst. choice. ever. It was basically a glorified Greyhound bus on tracks. I'll take a car or plane please.

7. Would you live underwater in a submarine for an entire year in order to win $3,000,000? (Sorry, that was kind of a strange question.) Probably not. See I am a claustrophobic so living in a submarine for a whole year isn't going to work for me. 

8. What is your favorite style of clothing? It really depends on my mood. I'm usually a t-shirt and jeans girl, but I'm getting more in dresses as I get older. 

9. Are you right handed or left handed? Righty.

10. What is one place you are dying to travel to but haven't had the opportunity? 

Hmm so many. I want to go to Prague, South Africa, Italy, and Spain.

11. N'Sync or The Backstreet Boys? Choose wisely. 

NSYNC. No question. 


  1. Whoo hoo, Go 'Noles!

    I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of girl too! But like you also, I love dresses because they're so easy and comfy.

    I don't think I would do the submarine thing either. I would probably have a panic attack at the thought of being submerged under all of that water!

    1. This summer is when I truly discovered the beauty of maxi dresses. Comfy yet pretty.

  2. I have always loved writing and journaling as well. I WISH I'd majored in English or Creative Writing because it's something I love so much. Blogging is such a wonderful outlet.