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Disconnected and it felt so good

September 04, 2013

This past weekend was pretty great. My birthday fell on the Friday before the long weekend and that kicked off the fun. Between my parents taking me out for a birthday dinner, a 90's themed birthday party (a small party but still fun nonetheless), college football coming back finally (Go Noles!), and lots of quality time with T, I had all I could ask for in a long weekend. What I don't have to share is tons of photos. I thought I would be snapping lots of pictures during these events but I found that I was letting myself live in the moment. Usually I struggle with just embracing the moment and letting myself just get lost in the present, but I did just that this weekend. So instead of photos I chose to laugh with old friends over my favorite 90's songs, spend time developing a new friendship with a former co-worker who it turns out I have more in common than I thought, and listen to records while having in-depth conversations about the future with my husband. And it felt damn good.

I have finally joined the twitter world! Denise @alifelesstravel if you want to follow me.

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  1. Yay!!! Don't you think almost everyone could disconnect a bit more?? I'm trying to be much better about keeping off my phone and computer while Declan is awake. It is tough stuff, but at least when I get bored then I do something a bit more productive!