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Misconceptions about me

September 23, 2013

We all know the famous quote that says don’t judge a book by its cover, right? You have probably heard it a million times by the end of your childhood. Humans by nature make assumptions about a personality shortly after meeting them.  We just can’t help it. Sometimes people can be spot on with the assumptions, but many times people get it wrong.  I once had someone at work tell me that I looked like the kind of person who wouldn’t like a horror movie right after a conversation about favorite scary movies.  How does someone look like they wouldn’t like a particular kind of film? It got me to thinking about some of common misconceptions people might have about me.

  1.That I’m a fragile and weak person.
Ok I kind of get where this might come from. I’m a naturally skinny woman who lacks muscles or anything that screams I can kick anyone’s butt. Yes, I am probably not your girl if need someone to lift a heavy box, but is that the only definition of strength? I like to consider myself an emotionally strong person so I think my exterior might be misleading.  

                                              2.     That I don’t eat anything. Or eat very little.
Remember when I said I’m a skinny girl? I get people thinking that I don’t eat large amounts of food or have a hearty appetite. But this skinny girl loves her food. My husband jokingly says that he has to keep me on a feeding schedule or I get hangry.  He is right. Oh and I don’t wear a size zero. Telling me that I must wear a size zero will get you automatic side eye.

                                         3.     That I am (insert wrong ethnicity).
My first week at Florida State I went to a freshman mixer event at the Student Union bowling alley. This guy started talking to me when I noticed a name tag on his shirt that read President- Jewish Student Union. I thought nothing of it until he was really trying to get me to join the JSU. I politely told him that I wasn’t Jewish but thank you for inviting me. Dude goes off for a full 5 minutes on how I must be Jewish, no way I’m from Hispanic parents and they must be lying. People usually look at my black hair and prominent nose and start to play the what ethnicity is she game. The most common guesses are Jewish, Greek, and even got Eastern European once. What is even funnier is that whenever I visit Puerto Rico with my parents I always get spoken to Spanish and my Rican roots are never questioned.
                                 2004- My most Hispanic looking picture I have. 

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  1. Never judge a book by it's cover-but so often we do!! One misconception about me too is that I never eat sweets or junk (mind you, I'm not exactly a skinny minnie). Well, if you look at my Instagram feed you know that is NOT the case.