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I used to be a journalist

September 25, 2013

The first time I remember wanting to be a journalist was the 5th grade.  My love of words and curious nature made it seem like the perfect answer to that pesky what are you going to be when you grow up question you get as a kid. Truth be told, I was a dorky kid. Dorky as in I loved to read and actually read most of those informational state books for kids. For fun. I held strong on the journalistic aspirations until about junior year of high school. That was the year I signed up for a psychology elective and was hooked instantly. I entered college with thoughts of majoring in psychology but my trouble with the math pre-requisites made me question my choice. So it was back to plan A and that is how I ended up majoring in English. While I was in college I wrote for my college paper for my last 2 years. I loved it. I’m one of those people that thrive on working under a deadline and the hunt for the story.
After much instance from my parents who kept telling me that I must watch The Newsroom, I relented last weekend and I’m almost done with season one. I. love. It.  Watching the show takes my back to those days of working on my college paper and the rush of getting the story. Newsroom scratches that journalistic itch that still lives within me. Anyone else watch this show?


  1. Ahhh- is this another show that I'm missing out on?! I do love to binge watch TV shows :)

    1. Binge watching shows is the best. I have a tendency to get into shows way late, so binge watching is perfect.