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What I wish I could tell myself when I started blogging

October 06, 2014

The Daily Tay

I started this little blog of mine back in May of 2012 right after I made the decision to exit the teaching profession after it finally took its toll on my emotional and physical health. At the time I felt lost and disconnected from the person I was before I started teaching, my life had become teach, plan, and repeat. Ironic that an English major turned English teacher had lost touch with the write side of herself but that is what had happened to me.

Don't get stuck comparing yourself to other blogs.

I found that it is easy to read other blogs and start to question if yours is up to par. Some bloggers start off strong and get followers like crazy, after a while you might begin to question why your blog isn't growing like the other ones. Don't fall into that trap. What makes me keep reading the bloggers I enjoy is hearing their unique and genuine voice coming through the page. Don't lose that about your blog.

Decide what kind of blog you want to be.

I have dabbled in sponsorships but I can't always justify the expense. A part of me would love to be one of the bigger blogs, but when I really think about the time commitment that entails I recognize that I am not comfortable with that. I like being a small blog and not having the pressure of sponsored posts and sponsorships for right now.

Invest in a good blog design.

In retrospect I would have done this before even writing my first post. Most of us are visual creatures and it helps attract readers with a crisp blog design.

The beauty of the blogging community. 

Blogging is a great way to connect with others from all over the world. I have yet to go on my first blate, but I treasure the friends I have made through blogging.


  1. I have never offered sponsorships. I still think the whole thing is kind of weird and I like posting on my own schedule. I don't want to worry about obligations like that-plus I don't think anyone would pay for it! I also don't pay for sponsorships but if I win one or happen to notice a free one then I will.

  2. Connecting with other bloggers in the blogosphere has been one of the best sides of blogging for me. I'm loving it. :) Great smart list!
    Luchessa @

  3. Hun, about the domain issue, you might want to read those step by step posts: Kristin explained it well -

  4. All so spot on!! I did not get the community side of it until I got into it. Actually, when I started I dreaded the social interaction side, it made me so nervous but it falls into place and you realize how nice most other bloggers are.