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Favorite quotes

October 15, 2014

To say I love quotes is like saying kids love Christmas morning. An understatement to say the least. I have been collecting quotes in my journals since freshman year of high school (I also jotted down song lyrics I found deep at the time) and have continued acquiring quotes ever since.  Today's prompt asks us to share our favorite quote and explain why, so I'm sharing some of my favorite quotes from over the years.

I think we all get caught up in the possibility of failing at something that we forget that to fail means you tried. Everyone fails at some point, how we deal with that failure and get ourselves back up shows our true character.

 Life doesn't always care about the grand plans you made for yourself. You have to be willing to try another plan.


  1. Yes very true and made me think of another quote: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...
    Being able to adjust and be flexible is the key.
    Great pick Denise.
    Luchessa @

  2. That is so true, I agree that we have to be able to re adjust to whatever comes our way.