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Letter to my future self

October 08, 2014

Helene in Between Blogtober

I hope 43 is treating you well. I know you freaked out when turning thirty, so I hope by time 40 comes around you don't let aging faze you. I'm sure you will rock it in your 40's just like your mom.

I hope you finally realized that being blessed with a fast metabolism does not mean you can slack off on exercise. I know we hate going to the gym, but you enjoy other types of physical activity. Pick something and do it consistently. Your younger self is working on this. 

So you have been married for coming on 12 years now. Wow. I wonder if T is still all about his comic books and lovingly buying all your movie tickets to see the latest film based on a comic book. I hope you guys have finally made it out West. I know ten years ago the farthest west you had been was Las Vegas, but trips were being planned and his job field allows for moving all over the country. Are you in Denver enjoying weekend hikes and visiting all the many breweries in the area? Or did he convince your Floridian needs the sun self that Seattle was the place to go? I hope you have made it to many of the places you both dreamed of visiting like Europe, parts of Asia and South America.

Ten years ago you started dabbling into the freelance writing. I hope you have become successful enough in it to at least make it a legitimate second income (you can never have enough money for travels). I hope you find a career that makes you happy and perhaps involves a little travel.  By this age I am already coming to the realization that my 16 year old notion of being a career woman looks a lot different in my reality.  I just want to pay my bills and like what I do for a living. It doesn't need to be a passion that is what my free time is for. I'm sure by this point you have already realized that.

In all, I just my future self is happy and enjoying her life.
(Am the only one who found writing a letter to your future self difficult?)



  1. love this! I hope you got to go to all of those places too! I kinda liked writing this it was weird to think about but fun. I think liking your job is so important too! let's hope we get it figured out :)

  2. I want to go to all the places! There are so many things I want to see. This was a tough prompt, it's hard to put into words exactly what a realistic future self we be (at least I think so).