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If I won the lottery

October 01, 2014

Despite my track record not being the greatest with blogging challenges, I am excited to participate in    Blogtober14. I have found myself lacking blogging motivation lately and this could be the butt kick I need.  Today's question is a fun one of what I would spend my lottery winnings on.

The Daily Tay

Travel the world:  I have an intense case of wanderlust that would be cured with winning the lottery. I’m one of those people who look at a map of the world and just think I want to see all of that. For me there is nothing better than exploring new places, I even do it locally. My top 3 places I’m dying to visit  are Italy, India, and Prague.

Start a non-profit: I have loved the idea of starting a non-profit or foundation to help educate young girls on emotional/verbal abuse in relationships. In my work as a teacher (and from personal experience) I find that young girls don't always know what a healthy relationship looks and feels like. This way I could do work I love and not have to worry about money.

Pay off student loans: I was so very lucky to only have to take out loans for my masters degree. Winning the lottery would mean I could write one check to pay that loan in full. I can imagine how beautiful sending that final check must feel.


  1. I won't even try to do this challenge. I always fail!! I'd travel and pay off our house for a start.

  2. Good luck!! I would travel, travel, travel and then P and I would probably start out own brewery.

  3. I would love to travel! I haven't done much of it unfortunately.. so I deff need to win the lotto.