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I Heart Charlottesville

October 21, 2014

One of the best parts of living up here is the proximity to so many cool day trips. I love my Florida and all, but it is a big state which means long drives. Charlottesville is just a 2 hour drive away from Northern Virginia, but it feels like a different world. The DC metro area is full of busy people, lack of space, and the infamous traffic that clogs the roads at all hours. The drive into Charlottesville is almost a visual reminder to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life.

You are greeted with sleepy little mountain towns that seem to know nothing of the hustle and bustle just up state. The biggest attraction in Charlottesville is Thomas Jefferson's Monticello which is the reason why we ventured down south that Saturday morning. For the price of admission ($25 per person) you get a tour of the inside of the house and the grounds. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures of the interior of the house.  It is no secret that we are both history nerds so we knew this place was a must-see while we are living in Virginia. Walking along Jefferson's homestead it was clear to understand why he loved living in Virginia so much. Seeing Monticello in the fall with the leaves changing colors was especially a treat for us Floridians. Fall doesn't exist in the Sunshine State.

After working up an appetite from our tour of Monticello we made our way into the city limits of Charlottesville. I had only heard good things about this artistic college town before our trip, so I was looking forward to exploring it. Also I have a soft spot for college towns in general. I think it comes from my years living in Tallahassee when attending Florida State. I just love the vibe found in college towns. We found a mom and pop diner called Mel's Cafe to have lunch and it did not disappoint. Their fried chicken is authentic and the best I've had in ages. So good I forgot to take pictures. We walked around the downtown mall and found the bar where Dave Matthews Band was formed back in the 1990's. They don't advertise it and you wouldn't know it from anything inside the bar, but if you are a fan (like me) it is a must visit.

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  1. I too like college towns, and Charlottesville looks like a good day trip!

    (catching up with past posts)