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Sorry not sorry

April 02, 2014

Things I'm sorry not sorry about

  • My fast metabolism and the fact that I am able to eat a good amount without gaining too much weight. I'm over people trying to make me feel bad about it. It is just genetics.

  • As much as I try to change my ways, I am a procrastinator. After 32 years old habits die hard.

  • Not blogging on a daily basis. I don't want this blog to ever feel like a chore. Sometimes life happens and that is more than ok.

  • That I can't function at work without my daily to-do list, and that I get way too much enjoyment checking things off the list throughout the day.
                                           (One of my old to-do lists when I was teaching)
  • Having zero desire to get a tattoo ever. In a weird way I like that I'm one of the few people my age I know that doesn't have one. I had a belly piercing in my 18-23 year old days but that's about it.


  1. Girl, I'm glad you don't apologize for your metabolism! People who try to make you feel bad about it are just jealous. Ha ha.

  2. I'm no daily blogger either. Never have been and pretty much never will! Yeah, people that make you feel bad about your fast metabolism are definitely jealous!! I'm jealous too!! But I'm not going to make you feel bad about it.