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Resident Tourist Link Up

March 28, 2014

Today I'm linking with Quaintrelle for her Resident Tourist link up. Since putting our house on the market 2 months ago I have been trying to make sure to see all the good parts of my city before we end moving. Living in such a touristy city such as Orlando it can be a challenge to show others that there is more to this place than Mickey Mouse. One of my favorite places in town is actually a city 45 minutes away from the theme park area where people from all over the world spend their vacations.

Winter Park is actually the area of town in which I grew up and still one of my favorite parts of my hometown. Winter Park is known for its great restaurants and shopping along beautiful Park Ave. The best Turkish food I've ever had is at Bosphorous Restaurant. It is not on the inexpensive side, but definitely worth the splurge for a special occasion. I love walking around here on a nice sunny day.



  1. I've never actually been to a Turkish restaurant! It's great that you enjoy your town!

  2. I have been to the Winter Park area once, but I don't remember much about it. From the pictures, it looks beautiful!

  3. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL (especially the 2nd one).
    I have a few college friends from that area and the always rave how nice it is there.
    Oh and that restaurant looks yummy,. I would love to try them.
    Maybe I need to take a trip to Winter Park this year.

  4. Mmmmm Turkish food is sooooo good! I've never heard of Winter Town before but I'm so glad you shared this post about it. The weather there looks soooo nice in comparison to the wintery spring we're dealing with up here in Northern VA a.k.a. I'm jealous haha! Thanks for joining the #ResidentTourist Link Up Denise!

  5. Winter Park is one of my favorite places here in Central Florida. I live in Apopka so it always seems like a little getaway when we go. I love it.