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32 Things That Make Me Happy

April 04, 2014

Venus Trapped in Mars

 I know sometimes it is so much easier to focus on what sucks in our lives than to look at the good things we have going on, so when I saw Sarah's awesome 32 Things That Make You Happy link up I knew I wanted to jump in. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not too difficult to come up with my list of happy things.

1. My dog Kavalier

2. A bowl of good pasta
3. Spending time with my husband
4. A perfect 75 degree day
5. Thrift shopping
6. A good concert
7. Chocolate
8. Wine
9. Spending time in Key West

10. Colored pen sets
11. Sex and the City marathons
12. Eating outside on a nice day
13. Good hair days
14. My family
15. Chick-Fil-A
16. A good laugh
17. Singing in the shower or car
18. Traveling
19. Getting a manicure
20. Yoga
21. Florida State football season
22. Fantasy football when I win
23. Going to the beach
24. Reading a good book
25. Back rubs
26. Text conversations with my sister Lilli
27. 90's music
28. Nailing a new recipe
29. Spending time with my 2 nephews
30. Three day weekends
31. Sleeping in
32. Comments on my blog


  1. what a great idea! it's so good to remember the good things and what makes us happy.

  2. 75 degrees is my perfect day too!! I'm okay up to 80. It's the little things. I really enjoyed my 3 day weekend too.

  3. things that make me happy about this post: the name Lilli (LOVE it), Key West, and bowls of pasta.