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April 23, 2014

Despite being married for a year and a half, I fear that I may be a commit phobe. No, not in the traditional sense where I run scared from anything resembling a committed relationship, but in probably every other aspect of my life I shy away from getting tied down. Geez, I was happy to switch to a no contract cell phone plan a few months ago. This time last year I was leaving a career that I had invested almost 7 years in (teaching) and embarking on constructing a new career outside the classroom walls. Now that I have survived and thrived in a new job a part of me enjoys asking what else would fulfill me job wise. Should I continue in non-profit which is incredibly gratifying but pays little? Or go back to my English degree roots and try to find something that deals more with writing? It was scary to take a chance last year and start over in a new job, but I did it and it has given me the confidence to keep on trying. I really believe that humans are far too complex for the old model of "find a job and stay there 30 years". It worked for my parent's generation but I feel that I can see myself doing a variety of jobs before I'm their age. As hard as I try I just can't see working one job for more than a few years before I   get an itch to move on to something new. Is career ADD a real thing? Cause I might have it.

I'm the weirdo who is going from owning a home to realistically renting for the next few years while T goes to law school in a very expensive city. Oddly enough I'm coming around to the idea that renting has the advantage of being flexible to move if a great opportunity comes our way. So while everyone around me has settled down I'm here overwhelmed with all the choices. 

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