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How Do You Do That?

April 17, 2014

So I thought that I would link up with the lovely Jade for her "How Do You Do That"link up. I know that things come up on a daily basis that have me scratching my head and asking how do they do that.

....People who are able to wear all white and not get a single stain on it. This also goes for people who are able to do this with all white furniture. Seriously, how is that possible? I need that secret.

.....Anyone is able to get their dog or dogs from the car to the dog park without their dog wigging out. Kavalier gets so excited that he becomes a pain to walk until we get inside the dog park. Hmm maybe it is just me.

......Ladies who always have good hair days.

.....People who consistently stick to a meal plan. I try and can have a successful week or two but then it goes to shit.

.....Ladies who mastered the perfect smoky eye. I try and it never looks as good as the tutorial.

...... Couples who claim to never fight with each other. Really? If that is possible and still maintain a healthy relationship, I'm going to need that secret please.

Jade and Oak


  1. I NEVER get the smoky eye down pat. I try but after all these years I still don't really know how to apply make up. My husband and I actually don't fight. I don't believe it either. The secret? I don't know. We just don't. We don't agree on everything either but it's never turned into an argument. We just drop it or one of us lets the other have or way I guess.

  2. i so can't do a smokey eye either. i had my makeup done over the weekend for a wedding and she made it look so easy! and my dogs are so hard to walk anywhere!

  3. oh my gosh yes the smokey eye! well most make up stuff I see people do is mind-boggling to me!
    also girls with perpetual good hair days must have birds braiding their hair in the morning. that's what I tell myself anyhow...