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Falling for thrift shopping

March 10, 2014

I have always loved shopping and scoring a great deal, but lately I have really become smitten with thrift shopping. That great feeling of finding a great piece for a low price has become addictive. A few weeks when looking for some cute spring skirts I found a Loft black and white one with the tags still on  them for just $7 dollars. I came home so elated on my good luck.  This weekend my co-worker suggested a Goodwill that recently opened in the east side of town that I had not yet ventured out to.
I managed to score a pair of jeans that retail for $58 ( I googled the brand after purchasing them and found this out) for only $2.99. While I'm fairly new to the world of thrifting I thought I would share some of what I have learned about a successful thrift store trip.

1. Eat before you go.

I know for myself that if I don't eat before heading out to the store I will get distracted. Part of the trick to finding the sweet deals is to have the time to dig through the racks. You never know what you might find hiding inside.

2.  Be patient and look at everything.

Thrift shopping is different than going to just a regular clothing store with its perfectly outfit mannequins. You have to set aside the time to look at what they have and imagine how it could work in your closet.  It is also a good idea to give everything a through look before deciding if you want it. A shirt that looks awesome from first glance might be hiding large stains or too much wear and tear.

3.  Don't be swayed by designer labels.

I will admit that I love certain labels. Finding a designer label that I love when scouring the racks always makes my heart happy. Sometimes I get blinded by who the designer is and I contemplate a piece of clothing that might not be a good pick for me.

4. Learn the sale schedule of your local stores.

For example Goodwill's have a color of the week that changes every Sunday. If you buy anything with that assigned color tag you get an additional 50% off. That is how I got my jeans so cheap this Saturday.

Anyone else into thrift shopping?


  1. I LOVE thrift shopping! I first discovered the Goodwill when I moved to NYC. I try to always go to the Goodwill's, thrift shops in the more "well-to do" areas. What do rich people do with their clothes (and housewares) they're tired of? They donate it as close to their home as possible!

  2. these are great tips. I get frustrated when I go thrift shopping sometimes since i'm not super patient haha. but agreed that you can get some awesome deals if you're patient!