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Superstition is the way

March 13, 2014

Tomorrow marks 60 days since we put our house for sale. Two months of constantly cleaning the house in case we are called for a showing. I kept hearing about how burying a St. Joseph statute in your front yard brings good luck in selling one's house. So last week I succumbed after yet another week of no offers and googled it. I found it selling cheap on Amazon and read many of the 100 5 star reviews where home sellers raved about how shortly after burying him they received offers on their house. I was sold. What did I have to lose by trying this out?

Monday afternoon I was greeted by a small package in my mailbox. St. Joseph had arrived and I was oddly excited. We dug a small hole by the for sale sign and buried him per the directions in the box. The next morning I got a call from my realtor asking if we could show the house the next day. We still haven't received any feedback or offer, but hopefully we will have a turn of luck coming our way.

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