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Friday's letters

July 26, 2013

Dear Weekend: What took you so long? This week has been crazy busy at work and I can't wait for time to relax.

Dear Netflix: Thank you for the great television that is House of Cards. I had heard all the buzz about this show and so far (4 episodes in) it is well deserved. Can't wait to watch more episodes this weekend.

Dear Husband: You graduate in exactly a week with honors and I couldn't be a prouder wife. Next weekend is all about you.

Dear Soda: I just finished up 21 days without you and it got easier as I went along. I'm not saying goodbye forever, but definitely kicking the one Coke a day habit. You will now be an occasional treat.

Dear Zach Braff: Don't get me wrong I loved me some Garden State back when it came out. I was going through my quarter life crisis when I first watched so I completely related and of course the soundtrack was filled with great music, but a sequel? Why? Wouldn't a sequel just focus on your 30's? Um I have no interest in watching that since I'm currently living that. Try again.


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