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4th of July Recap/ No more soda

July 08, 2013

I enjoyed my 4th of July this year mostly because my sister and nephews were down for the whole week. My sister is 20 months older than me which means that we often bumped heads in our teenage years over bathroom space, boys (they preferred her), and sharing clothes. But now that we are adults we actually get along, too bad we live in different states now.

                           You know you are an adult when bringing a bottle of booze is not enough to bring to the family BBQ. So I made some baked mac and cheese instead.

This Saturday I also decided to have my last soda. I have a long, torrid love affair with Coca Cola since I was a teenager and have been drinking 1- 2 cans a day. So I am on a no soda diet for the next 21 days. Right now I am almost done with day 2 and I felt low energy most of the day at work and came home to a nasty headache. Withdrawal is a bitch! On the upside I have been drinking lots of water.

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  1. Your mac and cheese looks delicious!!! It's always been one of my fav's. I love cheese.