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Unpopular Opinions

June 05, 2013

Lately I have realized that I hold quite a few unpopular opinions. Few might be an understatement since  I am quite an opinionated gal.  When it seemed like every female in America was obsessing over Twilight, I tried to read the first book and barely got past the second chapter. I'm more of a Hunger Games girl. Give me Katniss over whiny Bella any day.

1. I can't get into science fiction. Star Wars, Star Trek, yep just can't get into the sci-fi. I've had people tell me I'm crazy for not loving Star Wars, but it's just not my thing.

2. I don't understand all the zombie love and obsession with The Walking Dead. I like my zombies funny like in Zombieland and Warm Bodies.

3. Sushi. I have tried various kinds of sushi and just don't like it.

4. I hate the Real Women Have Curves movement. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women feeling beautiful in their own skin and accepting their bodies. I just don't think you have to put down other body types to empower women. I'm on the small side/thin and I think beauty can be found in all sizes. I might not have been blessed with rocking curves a la Beyonce, but I am still a real women.

5. I tried watching a few episodes of "Girls" and I just don't see the appeal. Maybe it is because I am in my early 30's and it reminds me of some of the rougher parts of my 20's, or maybe I just find it a cheap knock off of Sex and the City.

Who else was utterly shocked by Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones?? I did not see that coming at all.


  1. THANK YOU for #4!! And sooo well said. Every time I see one of those I get a bit pissed. First off, I'm thin and this is me healthy. I too feel put down by it. Second? Not saying that they are embracing ALL body types and issues, but I come from a health background and there is a level that people have gotten to today which is unhealthy. It's not the level in these ads, but I feel like society in general just accepts obesity more, or at least there is the fight to do so, and while it shouldn't be teased, it should be seen as a public health issue, which is also happening.

    That was a long ramble of a sentence. But basically, I concur.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in that feeling. It is one of my bigger pet peeves. Oh, and strangers telling me to eat a sandwich.