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Throwback Thursday

June 20, 2013

I'm a sucker for nostalgia. I love all  most things 80's and 90's since it brings me back to my younger days. If one of those "I love the 90's" specials is on VH1 I have to stop what I'm doing and watch it. So when I saw Bonnie from The Life of Bon was hosting a Throwback Thursday link up with fun writing prompts, I was all in for the throwback fun.

First crush

The first crush that I can remember having was in the fourth grade. His name was Andrew and all the girls in Ms. Nolen's fourth grade class had decided that he was the only cute boy in our class. So I was not alone in my doodling his name on folders. I remember that he was obsessed with all things space related and I tried to learn about space shuttles to impress him (really? who does that?). My love for brainy guys started young.

He ended up dating (in the truest elementary sense of the term)  one of the girls in our class. The day the rest of us girls found out we were crushed. What did she have that we didn't? Why were the other boys in our grade so not crush-worthy? My crush and his fourth grade girlfriend actually ended up dating all the way to seventh grade. We actually became friends in high school when we rode the same bus the first 3 years of high school. We also talk occasionally on Facebook now and he has no idea of my elementary school crush on him.

    The only picture I had on my computer that I think is from 3rd or 4th grade. I'm the one on the far right.


  1. I forgot about the joy of doodling crushes names on folders, especially with hearts and/or changing my last name to his :)
    New follower from the link-up

    1. I used to love doodling names on paper. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi there, stopping by from Life of Bon. I love that all the girls in the class decided on who the cute boy was and went with it - that sounds about right. I'm also impressed you had any pictures of yourself from that age on your computer, I feel like I need to raid my parents house to see what I can find to keep on hand in instances like this. Oh, I also have a 90s obsession, so glad I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ha! I only have this photo because I scanned it at my parent's house since I don't own a scanner. How do you not love the 90's?? I'm so glad I was in middle and high school in the 90's. Thanks for the comment.

  4. It's too funny that the girls in your class came up with a universal crush!

  5. Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to this - there were only 3 boys in my class (out of 8) and so we all liked one of them. It was tragic when he decided to date one of the girls. seriously it broke all of our hearts.