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What ladies can learn from our man's bromance

February 07, 2014

Bromance. My husband cringes whenever I teasingly call his friendships bromances. To say he dislikes that newly coined term is an understatement. If you are a fan of the show Scrubs then you can relate to my many times of feeling like Carla with Turk and JD, minus all the gay jokes. T's best friend was my high school friend who I feel out of touch with and later reconnected on Myspace (remember Myspace?). They met and became best buds after high school, now they are inseparable. Seriously, when we told family and friends that we plan to move to Washington DC later this year the common response was how is JD (let's call him JD) going to take it? Now granted this was all mention in humor, but you can see why I might sometimes pick on my husband's bromance. During T's 30th birthday festivities I couldn't help but notice the positives of strong male friendships. It got me thinking about how instead of mocking our man's bromance, women could actually take some notes and learn from how the other gender defines friendship.

1. Lifestyle changes don't automatically mean the end of the friendship.

As a child free woman in her early 30's I have experienced the demise of some of my female friendships from new moms who maybe felt they had nothing in common with me anymore. I don't have any problems being friends with women who have kids, just because I don't plan on having them myself doesn't mean I wouldn't want moms in my social circle. I will gladly go to your kids birthday parties and everything, but I think for some women it is easier for them to compartmentalize. This does not appear to be the case in male friendships. My husband has unmarried friends with kids, single ones, and  married ones that all still find ways to make time for their friends. They don't seem to care about their lifestyle differences or throw friends away when they are no longer in the same lifestyle.

2. No need for movers, that's what friends are there for.

In the six years I have been with my husband we have moved several times and his friends don't wait to be asked to help us move. They just show up. I just think that is awesome.

3. Don't hold grudges. Have it out and then get over it.

Women have a reputation of holding onto to grudges for far too long. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm haven't been guilty of this in the past. Now guys on the other hand have appeared to not share the same trouble in letting go of old issues. Guys can get into fist fights with their best friend and not have it permanently damage the friendship. I'm in awe of how they do that. Men you must teach us ladies how to do this.

I just discovered Lake street Dive this week from their performance on The Colbert Show and I'm already obsessed with them.

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