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February 24, 2014


Thinking: Our house has been on the market now for a little over 30 days and we have received no offers. Apparently it has been a slow month in the area, so it is not just our house. I'm already over the stress of selling a house and ready to move to the DC area. I thought buying a house was stressful (and it is) but so is selling a house.

Enjoying: I have been watching True Detectives on HBO and wow what a show. HBO knows how to put out good shows, first they hooked me with Sex and the City, then Game of Thrones and Newsroom. Good job cable.

Annoyed: Our lawnmower is literally being held hostage by Sears right now. We bought it with a warranty and this is the second time we have had issues with the mower while it is covered. When Ty went to pick it up Saturday morning we were told that we had to pay $20 to get our mower back. The warranty said it covered any needed repairs with no charges, so why are we now being asked to pay just to get our mower back? The person at the store says that I said a waiver when I dropped off the mower that allowed the charges. Wait, what? I was not given a single thing to sign the day I dropped i off. I was merely asked to verify my information and then went on my merry way. When I asked for them to produce this supposed waiver I signed, they said they didn't have it and gave a phone number to call. Funny when I called the number they said the store must have the paper and swore I must have signed it. So basically Sears is calling me a liar. Great customer service Sears. I'm done giving you any business.

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  1. That lawn mower crap sounds like BS! So annoying. Hope the market picks up so you can sell.