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Random Friday Ramblings

January 17, 2014

As I'm writing this Florida is getting a blast of winter air, which for Orlando means it will get down to the 30's. People down here start to freak out if the thermometer dips below 50 but I actually like cold weather. It gives me a chance to break out my cute sweaters and peacoat from my one New England winter. Oh and cold means cuddling with a cup of hot cocoa.
This week has been crazy busy at work and yesterday I actually did not get around to eating lunch. I never do that, even when I was a teacher I still managed to scarf down my lunch in the 25 minutes I would get for lunch time. I used to skip breakfast regularly but always made time for lunch. I wrote something on Facebook about how crappy I felt at the end of the workday in skipping lunch and got many replies from people on how they skip eating lunch all the time. Maybe I'm just a weirdo who needs to eat all her scheduled meals. Do you guys skip lunch often?

Today with the cool down in the temperatures I got a craving for Shepard's Pie. T and I love going to this hole in the wall Irish pub near our house that serves it. They make theirs with a pie crust on the bottom and it is delicious. So I went to get all the ingredients after work and attempted to make my own version of this Irish treat.
I definitely earned my new Irish last name with this dish. T loved it and said it tasted just the one from our favorite little pub. There is nothing like trying a new recipe and knocking it out of the park.

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  1. I'm enjoying the cooler weather, but I am starting to get ready for beach season to roll around!

    That Shepard's pie looks so good!