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Changes ahead

January 22, 2014

I have talked on the blog in detail about my desire to move out of Florida on several occasions. T and I have spent the last few months discussing where we see our future in length and started putting a plan together for what we affectionately dubbed the "Get out of Orlando" plan. I know to some people they might think I'm crazy for wanting to leave Florida but the reality is that this city is not the place for us anymore. T recently finished his degree in Political Science in August and is looking for a job that utilizes his newly acquired expensive piece of paper, while my field of education or non-profit is found everywhere. So after much discussion and research we have officially put up our house for sale and will be moving this year to the DC metro area! We have both been there several times and really like it.

            I took this picture when we traveled to DC for the Jon Stewart Rally in 2010.

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  1. Super exciting!! Hope the house sells quickly and profitably. Or maybe not too quick-depends on how fast you want to move. : )