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January 28, 2014

I spent this weekend indulging in one of my new hobbies thrifting. I got into the thrifting game last summer and now I'm officially hooked. Since I work in the richer part of town I have the luxury of being near one of the better Goodwills in the city. This one seems to get a lot of the rich people castoffs and I love scouring the racks. In the past I have found several cute Loft tops for great low prices. I went there on Saturday and left with some nice pieces. If you don't thrift shop one big tip I would give you is to make sure you give yourself enough time to really look through the racks. You have to be patient in thrift shopping.

I found a cute green and white top from New York and Company for $7 and Mossimo gray pants for $4. I also had money on my Kohl's gift card from Christmas and scored a Lauren Conrad sweater for $10. Nothing feels better than finding a good deal.


  1. You did well!! I'd totally wear everything you bought. My problem is I lack patience! Even shopping at Ross can be annoying to me sometimes.

  2. mmmhmm!! Who doesn't love a great deal?! I am not a thrift lover. I get super overwhelmed and basically just give up on clothes, unless it's a really good store that I know I will consistently find stuff in. Home stuff is a whole different ball game though. I could peruse those things for hours and love going to our local antique mall for just that!