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Family- Gratitude Challenge

November 03, 2015

I was a little late posting this week's installment of the Gratitude Challenge, but better late than never I say. This week's prompt was family and I couldn't ask for a better family. My parents and sister are incredibly important to me even if I don't always tell them. I often say that the only thing I miss about Orlando (besides Publix and less traffic) is my having my parents near by.  I am grateful to know that if I ever need anything they are just a phone call away. Even in my 30's sometimes talking to your Mom about a tough day or situation just makes you feel better.

For me I think it was easy to take my parents and sister for granted when we all lived in the same city. Getting together only required a phone call and a reasonable drive, but now we are scattered in 3 different states. This year we are all doing our own thing for Thanksgiving and then all coming together in Orlando for Christmas. There is something about living far away from your family that will truly make you appreciate them in a way you didn't when they were just down the road from you.

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