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Week 5 Gratitude Challenge

November 22, 2015

Consistency is something that I suck at. I have long accepted this fact and now I'm trying to work on improving my consistency when sticking to this. I have fallen off on the gratitude challenge but its never too late to get back on track. I feel that I have done a good job of focusing on the things I'm grateful for offline, now I just need to keep it up on the blog. At this point in my life it can be easy to switch into complain mode and focus on what is currently missing in my world, so I thought this challenge would keep me on my toes in staying grateful.

This week's prompt is something someone gave you. At first I was stumped on how to begin this prompt and then it came to me. My parents. I am quite blessed to have parents that have given me more than I can ever repay them. They worked hard to give my sister and I a good childhood and start in life. They instilled a hard work ethic in me that I have carried over into my adult life. My parents didn't come from money and always taught us that if you wanted nice things you had to work hard to earn them. I am thankful that I was raised with those values. As Thanksgiving is coming in a few days I am grateful for all the big and small things they have given me in my life.