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DC Goodwill Shopping Tour

October 08, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram (@alifelesstraveled) you saw me post about the DC Goodwill thrifting bus tour I went on a few weekends ago. I was intrigued by the idea of thrifting with others, since I always go to thrift stores by myself. I'm definitely glad I went ahead and signed up for it. The tour started at 9:00 am with everyone meeting up for the bus to take us on our day of shopping. We went to four local Goodwill stores in the DMV area.

At the first Goodwill store in Alexandria, I wasn't having a lot of luck scouting the racks for things on my fall fashion wish list. I ventured out to the dresses section when one of my fellow thrifters showed me an orange printed dress in my size and suggested that I try it on. Normally I don't tend to wear orange but I was drawn in by the interesting print on the dress. I'm so glad I decided to just try it on. Not only was the dress a good step out of my fashion comfort zone, but it turned out to be a Jude Connally dress that retails for close to $200 priced for just $8.99.  It turned out to be the steal of the day.

I love finding J Crew clothes when I'm at the thrift stores. I love the brand but I can't justify the high prices at the retail stores, so when I find it in good condition I get excited. I found a teal wool J Crew sweater for only $5.99 that fit like a glove on me. With winter weather just around the corner it was a perfect find.

The last Goodwill we hit in the suburbs of Northern Virginia was where I really hit the jackpot.  While the store itself was a little crammed and hard to maneuver with a shopping cart, I ended up finding some great stuff at this location. I got a pair of Gap black slacks, a deep purple v neck sweater a fitted black blazer and a cross body bag. My grand total for all of my purchases of the day was just under $40.00 and the stores gave us an additional 25% for being part of the shopping tour.

For those who thrift, have you ever been on a thrift shopping tour?

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