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Orlando doesn't suck/ Home for the holidays

December 31, 2014

Spending almost a week back home was exactly the recharge I needed after a change-filled last 6 months. Moving across state lines ranks high on the life stressor charts, even if it is still exciting at times. I remember my orientation leader at Florida State advising us to wait a few months before going back home for a visit. She said that you should give your new home a chance to settle in before running off to visit your hometown. I tend to think there is some truth to that line of thinking. Coming home now gave me the perspective to view my home city through a new lens. I'll be the first to begrudgingly admit that I had a negative view of Orlando the last few years. I was that person who was quick to say that the city was boring and it lacked culture. Even as we were making our decision to move and getting the house on the market to sell, there was a noticeable shift in Orlando with more independent restaurants opening and neighborhoods focusing on weekend events for locals. Now there is a full blown "Orlando Doesn't Suck" movement of people working to rethink the city and make it a better place to live. I saw a lot of this shift when I was down for the holidays. Where I normally would be greeted with endless chain restaurants I now found new independent restaurants with distinct flavors, and empty entertainment complex near the tourist area converted to an artisan marketplace, and a beautiful new performing arts center. Color me impressed Orlando.

We were more than ecstatic to leave behind the days of high temperatures in the 40's and Florida did not disappoint in the weather department. High in the 70's and being bale to dine at fresco at night was a treat. Kavalier made the trip down with us and he loved having so much space to play around. Funny how quickly my parents got used to having him in the house. Overall it was a relaxing trip home filled with spending quality time with my parents, eating good food, and taking it easy.


  1. Happy New Year!! Glad you had a good visit home!! I really can't handle the cold anymore :) It's been in the 50s here and I'm already complaining. I'm sure I will be a nightmare when forced to move to a colder climate :) Wishing you the best in 2015!

  2. Glad you got to go home and see family. Sometimes it takes leaving to get a better perspective on what you had. Who knows....maybe you'll consider moving back some day!!