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Lucky 7

December 08, 2014

It is hard to believe that 7 years ago this week I went from daily phone calls and the beginning of a crush on T to becoming his girlfriend. At the time I was five months into my move to Worcester, MA and thought nothing would become of the guy I went on two dates with just weeks before my departure to New England. Life had unexpected plans for me.

Seven years later and we have been through so many adventures.

We survived 4 months of long distance dating and became experts at the airport goodbye.

We successfully managed the transition from never living with a significant other to living together without killing each other.

We rescued Kavalier and made our family of 3.

We survived layoffs and career changes.

We discovered our own little paradise on Earth (Key West) and got engaged there.

We maneuvered the home buying process and planned a wedding. Not at the same time, kudos to those who handle both in the same year.

We managed to stay sane during his thesis work in our first year of marriage.

We have lived in a new city and state for the last 6 months and truly learned how strong our bond is. If you ever want to see how strong your marriage is, just move out of state and see how it tests both of you.

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