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Why it sucks looking for a job

July 21, 2014

Looking for a job sucks, period. No point in sugar coating the process. Sadly it has only gotten worse and more dehumanizing with the advent of the internet. Back in the day you could drive around town dropping off your resume to potential employers. I actually did that when looking for my first teaching job in 2005, but now companies just want you to do everything online. I have more than a little experience in this department since I have been on the job search now 4 times since 2008. So I thought I would share some of the lessons I have learned along the way in my numerous times navigating the employment search journey.

1. Patience is tough and yet must be practiced on a daily basis.

The truth is that looking for a new job can be hard on the psyche. Dealing with rejection or not even hearing a response from submitted resumes to employers can be difficult on the emotions. It is easy to start taking it personal and letting yourself get frustrated.

2. Cover letters are a necessary evil. Make sure you write one.

You will need to tweak your cover letter for each particular position that you are applying for. Don't worry if you despise this part of the process, we all do.

3. Take sanity breaks as needed. And trust me you need them.

In my experience this is especially important if you are unemployed during your job search. Last week I took a break to volunteer for a community non-profit thrift store and it really helped to break up the monotony.

4. Disregard any job search advice from anyone who has not looked for a job before this decade.

Gone are the days where you can use the local newspaper to look for a job. The internet has truly changed the way people search for jobs and older folks sometimes don't recognize the differences.

5. Don't be afraid to just send your resume to a company without any job openings advertised.

I did this before and actually landed a job this way. Remember that not all jobs are advertised on the job  search sites, it can't hurt to send them your resume.


  1. It sucks looking for a job, especially when you are unemployed (I think it just adds that much more pressure). Try to enjoy your time "off" :)

  2. Ugh!! Sorry you are still at it. Job hunting itself is a really bad job without pay! I hope you find something soon.