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Getting uncomfortable in 2014

July 03, 2014


I always enjoy a blog writing challenge to get the creative juices flowing, so when I saw The Other Juliette was hosting a blog everyday in July, I figured why not. Today's prompt asks what have you done this year that got you out of your comfort zone. That could be the theme of the last year of my life.  Year 32 will go down as one in which I took steps outside of the cozy familiar and I'm so glad I did.

Leaving my teaching job without another job lined up. 

I'm sure some people around me thought I was making a mistake in leaving a job after 6 years with good insurance and decent pay for the area. Instead I followed my instincts and was convinced that I would be able to find employment outside of the classroom, and I was right. Less than 2 months after my last day in the old job I was hired by a non-profit where I learned more than I ever expected to in just one year. Sometimes you just have to take a chance and see where it leads you.

Moving from Orlando to Northern Virginia

We have been here a month now and so far I am enjoying the differences in my new home. I have found it less of a culture shock from when I moved from Orlando to Worcester, MA in 2007. Personally I like that I still have a lot of elements from living in the South with a major city close nearby. I have learned that I don't do well without a Chick-Fil-A in close proximity.

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  1. everyday, what a challenge! You have had a good amount of change this year...I'm feeling like I'm following in our footsteps :)