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Looking for home

June 20, 2014

Home. That one word can illicit so many emotions from its mere mention. It is the place where you feel the most loved and an escape from the world when it gets rough. When we are children home tends to be easily defined for us, but as we become adults what makes a place can sometimes be hard to define.

I know for me that answer was easy when all my immediate family lived in the same city. Last Christmas my sister was able to come down with her family and that is when the realization of the new definition of home became clear to me. The home of my youth no longer existed. Sure my parents still live in the house where I grew up on the same street where I learned to ride a bike. But that is not my home anymore. Home is not a physical place, for me at least, now. Whether it be my sister's house in North Carolina, my parent's house in Orlando, or my new home state, home is when we are all together in the same place. I guess I finally understand what Zach Braff's character in Garden State was feeling about this.


  1. "A group of people who miss the same imaginary place"!! It's kind of like when people want a dish from childhood but it never tastes quite the same. It's the intangible feelings.

  2. I love that quote too!!! I am having those same feelings bubble up now and then especially now that my parents have sold my child hood home and are going to be moving away from my hometown entirely. Home is going to be where family gets together in the same place-like you said-wherever that is.