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An All American weekend

June 23, 2014

This weekend marked us getting our first visitor, yes only 3 weeks in and we are already playing tour guide. I have to admit having T's uncle (who is always a blast to hang out with) is like having a little piece of home here in Virginia.  We spent Saturday strolling the National Mall and hitting up some of the memorials in DC. The novelty of being able to just hop on the metro and end up in the city has definitely not worn off yet.

I was in the minority in the group in not caring about the World Cup since my husband and his uncle are all gaga over the games. So we stopped in for brunch and game watching for them. Hey if I have to sit with a game I might as well get to get my brunch on. I have quickly picked up on the fact that this city takes brunch seriously. Maybe it has something to do with the work hard/play hard mentality of the city, but it appears that Washingtonians brunch hard. I think I can get behind the love of the brunch.

The Rachael Way


  1. That is nice you are already are getting visitors :) We had brunch Saturday and Sunday out this weekend...I love a good brunch ;)

  2. Oooh is that biscuits and gravy? I love to splurge on that!

  3. YES to brunches!! I love breakfast food, but I also love sleeping in. I hope you had fun showing your guest around!