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Florida Girl Christmas

December 09, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

While most parts of the country were dealing with snow and freezing temperatures, Florida had unusually warm temperatures for December. I know most out of staters are wishing they had those warm temperatures themselves but I'm kinda of jealous of those with snow. My one year of living in Massachusetts included a New England winter that was rough on this Florida girl who did not grow up having to shovel cars out of snow. Shoveling my car out of snow while two guys just watched is still a proud achievement for me. What I still miss is having distinct seasons as opposed to no seasons here in Orlando.

T and I went out to enjoy our 6 year dating anniversary Saturday by grabbing lunch and going ice skating in the suburb of Winter Park. I actually grew up right next to Winter Park and went to high school there. They were hosting an indoor ice skating rink for their Winter in the Park and despite my previous failed attempts at ice skating I figured why not. My husband used to play hockey so this was no problem for him. It didn't take long for the Florida girl in me to come out as I stumbled on the ice, but I had fun skating with T.

Saturday night was spent cheering on my Seminoles as they crushed Duke to win the ACC Championship and are now on their way to play in the National Championship. So proud to be a Florida State Seminole!

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  1. We are practically neighbors! Haha I live in Orlando and my bf and I go over to Winter Park all the time to have lunch in Park Ave.