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30 for 30

July 11, 2012

I'm getting ready to turn 31 next month and I can honestly say that it is so much easier than the 30th birthday of last year. I spent the months leading up to my 30th birthday in stereotypical female freak out mode. Silly when I look back on it now. Why was I freaking out?  Yes, I found my first gray hair at age 29 (eek), but I had accomplished a lot in my twenties. I graduated college with both a bachelors and masters degree, started a career in teaching, and bought my first house 3 months before my 30th birthday. I think too many of us this idea in our heads that we are supposed to have our lives figured out by age 30. If our 20's was our time to explore and learn from our mistakes, then this new decade is when we are expected to buckle down and be adults. I remember seeing a few lists of things you should do before you turn 30, as if life stops on the particular birthday. It got me to thinking of all the goals I still have for myself in this new decade of my life and that is for I came up with the idea of the 30 for 30 list. (If the name sounds familiar to you, I took it from an ESPN series of the same name)

I'm still not done compiling all 30 items on the list, I figure I can add as I go along. So far I have come up with 18 goals that I would like to accomplish by my 40th birthday.

30 for 30 List
(Goals to accomplish in my thirties)

  1. Visit Europe
2.  Take a photography class
3.  Take a Calligraphy Class
4.  Visit New Orleans, LA.
5.  Become an educational consultant for side income
6. Pay off my student loans
7.  Visit the Pacific Northwest
8. Buy a Pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes
9.  Go skydiving
10.Take Rock Climbing Classes 
11.Make a career Change
    12. Take a Mediation class
    13.  Learn to bake something not out of a Betty Crocker Box
    14. Do a Zipline
    15. Make more visits to see my nephews
    16. Continue to learn to feel more comfortable in my own skin
    17.  Host a Dinner Party
    18. Visit some part of Europe

    Anyone else do something similar for their 30's? 

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    1. As of today I have completed number four - Visit New Orleans and number 11- make a career change (teaching to social services)